Ayon Audio Black Fire XS Standlautsprecher

Ayon – BlackFire XS

“ Timeless design, modern elegance and state-of-the-art technology “

A loudspeaker masterpiece with breathtaking musicality and „almost“ live dynamics.

With the BlackFire XS the Austrian craftsmen have created an extraordinary and distinctive loudspeaker housing with highest difficulties in production and perfectly rounded solid wood veneered surfaces. The sound impression is majestic with outstanding holographic 3-D differentiation. The bass is clearly structured and very powerful, punchy but also resilient and hassle-free. The mid-range sounds exceptionally smooth, colorful and natural. The high-range offers details you have never heard before so undistorted and free without the slightest trace of fierceness. The dynamics and the achieved sound level with least distortions are unmatched. A state-of-the art and altogether minimalistic cross-over network  (no any resistor in the signal path)  installed in a resonance-optimized “airflow damping” cabinet of high-dense instrument laminated wood makes the BlackFire XS a loudspeaker, which will set new benchmarks.

  • Superior transient characteristics

  • Flat impedance curve

  • Easy to drive especially for tube amps

  • Flat frequency response

  • Great impact

  • Low distortion

  • Perfect time alignment

  • Excellent phase coherence

Cabinet veneer finish: French nut-HG, Walnut – HG, Tineo-HG, Macassar-Ebony-HG, White – HG and others on request!


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Ayon BlackFire XS



Airflow Damping System (ADS)

Cabinet Material

Resonance optimized instrument plywood

Cabinet Design


Driver Complement

Air Motion Tweeter
6.7” Midrange
2  x 12” Woofer 

Impedance for MID-HT

8 Ohm

Sensitivity (1W / 1m)

97 dB

Recommended Amp Power for MID-HT

3 – 80 Watt

Frequency Response

30 Hz – 30 kHz / -3 dB

BiWire Terminal


Internal Wire

Harmonically signal flow distance wiring

Crossover Design – CMFIC

Crossover magnetic field interaction control

 LF power amplifier „Alpha“

250W per Channel

Recommended MID-HT connection
(+) for tube amps (4, 8, 16 Ohm)

8 Ohm

Speaker dimensions (HxWxD)  each

168x43x35 cm

Speaker weight, each

85 kg

LF power amp dimensions WxDxH)

46x34x10 cm

LF power amp weight

10 kg

Hersteller Ayon Audio
Lautsprechertyp Standlautsprecher
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