Luxman D-10x, State of the Art SACD-Player, MQA u. DSD-fähig

Luxman D-10x, State of the Art - MQA / CD / SACD-Player / DA-Wandler

Der neue Referenz-Player von Luxman.
coming soon..

Die ersten Geräte werden im August erwartet.
Vorbestellungen sind möglich.


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Luxman D-10x, State of the Art CD/SACD-Player / DA-Wandler mit DSD u. MQA

1.Newly adopted mechanical layout with highly rigid LxDTM-i
transport and support system
2.The first player in the world to feature ROHM’s high
performance DAC chips PCM768kHz/32bit,
DSD22.4MHz/1bit, MQA full decoding support
3.New ODNF-u discrete, fully balanced output amplifiers

New, robust and original SACD/CD transport mechanism, boasting the highest reading accuracy and rigid construction to eliminate vibration.
The mechanism is sandwiched by 8mm thick aluminum side panels spanning from front to rear, the LxDTM featured a robust BOX structure with a 5-mm thick steel topplate.
In the LxDTM-i, the mechanism's mounting system has been updated from the conventional method of mounting on brackets attached to the side frame, the side frame itself has machined slots where the transport mechanism and frame together are firmly bolted together. The result is a highly accurate and stable reading system with unmatched robustness. A dust-proof shutter enables clean and quiet disc operation.

Global semiconductor manufacturer ROHM Co., Ltd. (Headquartered in Kyoto) will debut their new, high performance “MUS-IC” BD34301EKV DAC chips for highend
audio. With the highest specifications and the industry‘s highest quality, low distortion (THD + N-115dB)/low noise (S/N ratio 130dB), they run in dual monaural mode. Every atmosphere and nuance exemplified by a piece of music is faithfully reproduced for the listener.

The USB input is PCM 768kHz / 32bit ・DSD 22.4MHz / 1bit compatible with the highest specifications for high resolution data decoding.
Supports MQA (MQA-CD/MQA files) with full decoding Equipped with a new, high recision, ultra-low phase noise clock module with low jitter that reduces noise near the oscillation frequency.

Used new, large power transformers dedicated to audio (27% more capacity compared to conventional ones) and independent regulators for each circuit LUXMAN's traditional, highly stable power supply features large capacity filter capacitors.
Reduces high-frequency noise components by eliminating resist (coating) with inductance components.
High quality copper alloy RCA terminals combine the hardness of brass and the conductivity of copper. Analog output via Neutrik XLR terminals Digital inputs - USB, two Optical and one COAX Digital outputs - one Optical and one COAX.

Fluorescent display improves visibility with a zoom mode (possible hold) Three color LED indicator displays MQA (MQA-CD / MQA file) decoding status (Studio/Blue Authentic/Green/Renderer/Magenta)

The housing protects from magnetic fields, ground impedance, and digital noise. As countermeasures, we use a composite structure of loopless and shielded
chassis components.
Ideal signal path { reading ⇒ conversion ⇒ output, avoiding noise and sources of vibration. The left side mechanical layout, realizes maximum separation between (power supply) and analog output, and has excellent vibration cutout and weight balance.

LUXMAN’s original software, "LUXMAN Audio Player", enables simple and convenient PC/Mac control operation for this model (Downloadable from Homepage) In addition to normal isochronous transfer, four available Bulk Pet transfer modes realize high audio quality by reducing the processing load.

・Supported Media 2 channel CD
・Supported Sampling Frequencies USB input (PCM):44.1, 48, 88.2, 96, 176.4, 192, 352.8, 384, 705.6, 768kHz(16, 24, 32bit)
USB input (DSD):2.8, 5.6, 11.2, 22.4MHz(1bit)
COAX/OPT input :44.1, 48, 88.2, 96, 176.4, 192kHz(16, 20, 24bit)
・Analog Output Voltage/Impedance Unbalanced 2.4V/300Ω, Balanced 2.4V/600Ω, DSD 1.3V
・Frequency Response CD 5Hz~20kHz(-1.0dB), SACD 5Hz~38kHz(-3.0dB), COAX/OPT/USB 5Hz~47kHz(-3.0dB)
・Harmonic Distortion CD 0.0018%, SACD 0.001%, COAX/OPT/USB 0.0015%
・S/N Ratio (IHF-A) CD 125dB, SACD 121dB, USB 125dB
・DA converter BD34301EKV(monaural) x 2 by ROHM
・Dimensions 440(W)×154(H)×418(D)mm
Front side 2mm knobs and rear side 13mm terminals included in depth
・Power Consumption 40W
・Weight 22.4kg (Main unit)

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