Apertura Audio - Feinste Lautsprecher aus Frankreich  Apertura Lautsprecher

Von der französischen Atlantikküste, genauer aus Héric in der Nähe von Nantes, kommen die Lautsprecher des Manufakturbetriebs Apertura.
Die Entwickler Christian Yvon und Eric Poyer fertigen dort mit großer Liebe zum Detail Zwei-Wege-Lautsprecher, vom Kompaktmonitor bis zur Referenzsäule.
Besonders ins Auge sticht dabei das ungewöhnliche Design der Lautsprechergehäuse, bei der Front und Rückseite schräg zueinander stehen und die Seiten konvex geformt und versetzt zueinander angeordnet sind.
Apertura-Lautsprecher wurden für Menschen konstruiert, die keine Hintergrundbeschallung suchen, sondern in die Musik hineingezogen werden wollen.
Sie begeistern mit plastischer Stimmwiedergabe, samtigen Höhen, einem prägnanten Bass und klingen hochgradig emotional.
Eben nach Musik, nicht nach HiFi !
Apertura bietet elegant spielende, hervorragend verarbeitete Schallwandler, die nicht in die Preisregionen eines Mercedes-Neuwagens vorstoßen.
Jeder Lautsprecher wird bei Apertura von Hand zusammengesetzt.
Verwendet werden hierfür hochwertige Materialien, die dem eigenen Anspruch entsprechend modifiziert sind.
Jedes verwendendete Chassis wird vorm Einbau geprüft und mit einem Exemplar gepaart, das die gleichen Messwerte aufweist.
Passend dazu wird von Hand eine Frequenzweiche aufgebaut. Die Dämpfung wird für jedes Lautsprecherpaar sorgfältig angepasst und im Inneren angebracht.

Begeisternd !

What makes Apertura different ?

In a world where products from so many brands seem almost identical and buying decisions are increasingly made on price, Apertura speakers are as distinctive as they are different: different on the outside; different on the inside; different for a reason. These days, design and production decisions are dominated by what is  referred to as Value Engineering – a fancy term for building products down to a price, a policy that cuts costs by cutting corners. But at Apertura we understand that term differently. For us, the value of any audio component is inextricably linked to its performance, any design or manufacturing decision based on delivering the best possible musical and sonic results at the price. It means rejecting accepted practice and questioning norms, looking at new materials or new ways of using established ones, reverting to an artisan approach where constructing each product is the work of a single individual and the final testing of every product is carried out by the same person that production engineered the design. The result is a range of speakers that reject the materials, construction, technology and topology found throughout their competition. The result is a range of speakers based on superior thinking, superior engineering and that deliver significantly superior performance. That superiority is no happy accident, but the result of years of dedication and hard work. Apertura speakers look different because they are different – genuinely different – and those differences start with the people behind them... Pioneering loudspeaker designer Christian Yvon is the man responsible for the acoustic design of all Apertura products. Creator of the ground-breaking DRIM crossover topology in 1978, his research and the innovative solutions it generated helped redefine loudspeaker performance and led to a long career as a designer and consultant to many of Europe’s best known high-end loudspeaker brands, including the creation of Goldmund’s speaker line and work with Focal and Sonus Faber. But increasingly he came to realise that it was essential to control all aspects of the design, ensuring that every element adhered to his essential principles, in order to maximise the resulting performance. In 2010 that goal was finally realised with the establishment of Stentor SAS, in partnership with Eric Poyer, a mechanical and production engineer with over twenty years experience in the audio industry. Working together in close collaboration, they created the current Apertura line. The result is arguably the purest ever expression of Christian Yvon’s thinking, with innovative engineering and use of materials by Eric Poyer eliminating unnecessary, costly and ineffective elements to deliver unprecedented musical performance at incredibly approachable prices. Exotic, high-end loudspeakers are necessarily destined only for the fortunate few. But if value is measured solely in terms of musical performance, rather than price or brand recognition, size, weight or the number of drivers, then taking that philosophy to its logical extreme, rejecting accepted theory and practice, questioning and evolving the way we use familiar materials, selecting solutions with that one, single goal in mind, can deliver remarkable results. Adopting such an approach produces products that are certainly different, but those differences make perfect sense, as soon as you appreciate their purpose. These are differences in the way the speakers are built, the way they look, but above all in the way they sound. These are differences you can hear. That purpose of these differences – Apertura’s purpose – is simply the most music possible for the money invested.

Listen and it all makes sense

For 35 years Apertura has offered to music lovers around the world, a range of speakers without compromise.

Our approach has nothing to do with received ideas and passing fads, but rather a long and painstaking work of “reinvention” of what makes a great system.

An ideal which combines unusual means with the beauty of the object and originality of design.

Our approach is rigorous and animated by a constant concern for quality.

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