NuPrime - HighTech HighEnd DA-Wandler und Verstärkertechnologie !  NuPrime Audio

Ohne Untertreibung kann man sagen: Diese Marke NuPrime Audio produziert echte state-of-the-art Technologie.
Alle zur Zeit gängigen Digitalformate - bis PCM384 und DSD256 werden verarbeitet.
NuPrime’s neue Class A+D Hybrid-Verstärkertechnologie bietet die Substanz und Wärme von Class-A Verstärkung,
gepaart mit der Effizienz und Geschwindigkeit der Class-D Technologie.
Dazu ein simples Bedienkonzept, verpackt in hervorragend gefertigten, ultrakompakten Gehäusen.


Welcome to Future !

NuPrime background

In 2014, NuForce’s cofounder, Jason Lim, with backing from the OEM factory, bought the assets of NuForce’s high-end division, and formed NuPrime Audio, Inc. Under the leadership of Jason Lim, NuPrime has assembled a design team comprised of highly talented engineers. NuPrime has since introduced a series of superbly engineered yet affordable audio components that has won numerous accolades over the past few years. In 2015, for the first time in high end audio history, NuPrime has received four Product Of The Year awards from two prestigious magazines The Absolute Sound and SoundStage! Network.

NuPrime reaching new heights

NuPrime remains to be one of the few audio companies that is still pushing the boundaries with in house Research and Development, culminating with the NuPrime Evo One in 2018. Evo One is the first Class-D amp that achieved 1M Ohm input impedance and 700kHz switching frequency, with sonic performance unmatched by any Class-D amps, and surpassing most of the world class solid state amps. Besides having better performance than competing off-the-shelf solutions, NuPrime is able to tailor the sound of our amplifiers with our Hybrid Class D technology. Our products encompass design philosophies only seen at much higher price point, which is in-line with our pursuit of creating high-end audio components at affordable prices.

NuPrime aims to achieve yet greater heights of excellence and value in high-performance audio.


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